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How to Buy Beats Online from Facebook

Nowadays there are a huge number of ways to buy beats online. You can use beat shops, social media sites and even private producer sites to do this. There are literally infinite options for shopping for beats when you’re ready to write new music or create an album. One of the great ways to buy beats is through social media sites. Facebook in particular has a great platform for rappers and singers to buy beats from producers. Many online music producers who have beats for sale available have Facebook fan pages for their instrumentals.

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for a Facebook account if you don’t already have one. Create a personal profile and fill out some of the details. The great thing about creating a Facebook account to buy beats is that you can also create a page to market and promote the music that you create. These sites are great for promoting music because there are so many different people around the world who use the sites every day. So take the time to create yourself a profile and fan page by going over to

Once you’ve got yourself an account, you’ll want to add some friends. The types of friends you add online matters, so do this wisely. Since everyone is on Facebook, there’s a good chance that you’ll find famous artists on there. You can either add them as a friend or “Like” their fan pages. Either way, it is not these big time artists that you’re after. It is their friends and fans that you’re concerned with. The thing to understand is that producers will be friends and fans of these artists because they want to promote to them and get on their radar. So look through the friend lists and fan lists of theses artists for certain types of users.

Many times, producers will have terms like “the producer” or “the beat maker” or even “beats” in their names. This is a dead giveaway when looking for friends. Add these users and like their fan pages. You can also add other local artists in your city that are on Facebook and look through their friends lists for other musicians and producers. Add them to your friend list as well. Finally, you can search google for producers you know of and add them on Facebook as well.

Once you are friends with these producers who have beats for sale available on Facebook, check out their fan pages. If a producer is on his or her game, they will likely have a music player, or even a beat store on their Facebook fan page. If they have a music player then you will have to contact them through Facebook chat or messaging to request that they send you that beat. You will likely need to pay through PayPal to get the beat. If these producers have actual beat stores on facebook you can instantly purchase and download the beats without having to contact the producer. Again, you’ll have to pay through PayPal. But browsing Facebook for beats and instrumentals is a great way to find your next hit while you’re interacting with friends and family on a great social network.

Posted Thu 14 January 2016 by Buck in misc